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Welcome to Mughal Biryani

Where you get Mughal's authentic flavour

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Our Specialities

We have four special items to make your meal satisfied. Order now today and get the taste of Mughal Biryani

Special mix of 22 spices. That makes this Mughal Biryani so authentic and favourable. Come and taste. Share your experience with others. 
Mughal Biryani
Flavour tells you.
The desert you can't imagine. Yes it's Shahi Firni. Garnish with fresh pistachio.
Shahi Firni
The Desert you can't imagine!
Borhani is a traditional yogurt-like drink. This helps in digestion and served usually preceding a lavish meal
Borhani (Sweet & Sour Shake)

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Mughal Biryani




Shahi Firni


Authentic flavour


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